Have you got spare time you want to spend on God’s mission?  CCCNam encourages those with between 5 hours and 40 hours a week to come join the team in a committed key volunteer capacity to focus on the area and context of ministry you feel most suits you in disciple-making in Windhoek or at the coast.

The EDGE Internship

Keen to learn how to do missions and live on the EDGE (Evangelism, Disciple-making, Growth, Experience). Come join us for a year or two in a full-time capacity but also a learning year with a ‘taste and see’ approach (Jan to Dec).  The experience will change your life.  You will also develop a team of partners to financially support you during the year.  You will receive training and support to do this.  Applications to be received by end of September each year.  One of the requirements of doing this internship is to have a tertiary level qualification. 

Full Time Staff Positions

We need field staff to come join the team and help make multiplying disciples through our different strategies (on campus, through churches and in the workplace contexts).  We need faithful, available and teachable (F.A.T.!) men and women who want to give their full attention to this missional activity.  Again, you will develop a team of partners to financially support you during your time with CCCNam and will receive training and support to do this.  One of the requirements of a full time staff position is to have a tertiary level qualification. 

If you would like an application form or simply want to find out more then contact us at our office in Windhoek…  Tel: 061 256017  Email:   See ‘About Us’ for further contact details.  

Campus Student Leaders make impact by leading their movements on their campus.  We are constantly looking to grow a stronger and bigger team to make movements of disciple-making on the tertiary institutions.  Why not sign up to be a leader on your campus if there is no CCC movement there yet.  You will be supported and coached by a full-time CCC worker or associate (either remotely or locally in Windhoek).

Workplace Initiatives Namibia is run by a team of volunteer business men and women, currently only in Windhoek, looking to organise events (like our ‘Thank God It’s Monday’ breakfasts) and inspire disciple-making of Jesus in the workplace environment.  Come join the core team to really have impact in this crucial environment.

Multiplying or planting churches and equipping the body of Christ to be more missional needs believers with a passion for the local church to lead in our Global Church Movements as volunteers.  Whether its Jesus Film showings with follow up of those responding or training existing church members with evangelism and discipleship equipping, there is a real need in Namibia to help the body to grow into God’s mission.

If you would like to be a CCC volunteer contact us at our office in Windhoek…  Tel: 061 256017  Email:   See ‘About Us’ for further contact details.  

Financial Partners

Every full-time staff member (and even our associates who have needs for expenses) rely on the Lord to provide their salaries and reimbursables to do the mission.  Just as our Lord Jesus had a supporting team to provide for him (Luke 8;3), we live the same way.  Since it’s a biblical truth that it’s more blessed to give than receive, experience God’s goodness as you give and support a CCCNam worker. We also value your prayers as you intercede for us to carry out our calling.

Church Partnership

CCCNam partners with churches who want to be missional.  We assist with equipment where we can and arrange training and equipping when we are able to spur them on to obey the Great Commission in their context.  Contact us in our GCM strategy for more information about how we can help your church.  See ‘About Us’ for contact details.

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