Global Church Movements works alongside church leaders in developing a win-build-send strategy, helping church members become multiplying disciples through teaching, training and coaching in evangelism and discipleship.

  Our Vision

 Inspiring Multiplying Biblical Faith Communities

  Our Scope

Being an interdenominational organisation we seek to equip the Church of Namibia across the regions to engage in evangelism and discipleship with the desire to see the Namibian church supporting and sending missionaries both locally and internationally.

  What We Do

As GCM. we exist to inspire vision & action, equip multiplying leaders in Great Commission related aspects, promote strategic partnerships, support & initiate faith communities, develop & share tools, resources and strategies.


Using some of our key materials we provide training evenings, days or weekends for church leaders and members.

  Global Outreach Day

Every year on the last Saturday of May various Christian organisations get together to encourage outreach by holding a ‘Global Outreach Day’.  Campus Crusade for Christ Namibia hold an event each year and support other churches and organisations to partake in this emphasis.


We do one on one and small group discipleship to model and equip leaders for the Great Commission

  Resources for the Church

Global Church Movements is committed to developing and providing relevant, effective resources translated into indigenous Namibian languages.  Campus Crusade for Christ Namibia has many useful materials that are helpful in reaching the lost, training and equipping believers and developing and coaching spiritual leaders for the future.  Go to our resources page for a full list of our resources but a few key resources are outlined below.

  The ‘Jesus’ Film


The 'Jesus’ film is an account of Jesus' life according to the Gospel of Luke and has been used across the world to visually explain the good news.  The film has been translated into over 1400 languages and over 200 million indicated a decision to follow Christ after watching the film.  Over 1.5 million Namibians have seen the film.

See ‘Resources’ for more details.

  ‘Walking With Jesus’ DVD Series

This 5 part DVD discipleship series filmed in and for Africa is an effective tool for follow up of new believers and current church members.  It is a perfect partner with the Jesus film but can also be used separately.  Currently it is only available in English but it is in the process of being translated into Kwanyama.

See ‘Resources’ for more details.

  The ‘Knowing God Personally’ Booklet


With more than 2.5 billion copies printed to date, the gospel outline, formally known as ‘The 4 Spiritual Laws’ has been a helpful resource in explaining the gospel to seekers.

See ‘Resources’ for more details.

  The ‘Living’ Series

For use in small or large groups this transferable 3 part training series serves the church in evangelism ’Living and Telling the Good News’, discipleship ‘Living and Making Disciples’ and leadership ‘Living and Leading’.  The first of these has recently been updated to make it even more relevant to today’s Namibian society. See ‘Resources’ for more details.

  Helpful Links

Go to to find out more about GCM global. You can also find helpful online evangelistic and discipleship resources on the website after downloading the popular Jesus film media app.  

  Contact Us

To find out more please contact us at our office…  Tel: 061 256017  Email:   See ‘About Us’ for further contact details. 

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