CrossRoads is an educational strategy that helps communities around the world preserve health and stability, while actively avoiding social crises like HIV/AIDS, addictions and violence. Since 1995, CrossRoads has formed partnerships in over 60 countries, working with government, non-governmental organizations, educators and health professionals to bring this unique approach to the local level.  CrossRoads staff and associates train educators, health professionals and youth workers to present the curriculum.

  What We Teach

CrossRoads teaches that the key to enjoying healthy relationships is good character.  When the choices we make are responsible; when we show respect for those we enjoy being with; when we care about them as much as we care about ourselves; when we prove to others that we can be a trusted friend, then we enjoy healthy relationships.  Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility and caring are all character qualities that are at the heart of the CrossRoads message.  The CrossRoads message begins at the point of relationships, the foundation for all that we enjoy most in life. When these character qualities are applied to relationships, abstinence and fidelity are the outcome.


CrossRoads uses the ‘Life at the CrossRoads’ curriculum to train and equip educators, health professionals and youth workers in helping young people develop healthy relationships.

  ‘Life at the CrossRoads’ Curriculum

CrossRoads approach to Abstinence Education is unique because the Life at the CrossRoads curriculum teaches these concepts in the context of healthy relationships.  The CrossRoads message is a positive one.  It focusses on a common desire within all of us… the desire to enjoy healthy relationships.  CrossRoads doesn’t focus on what children shouldn’t do but rather on what they really desire at the deepest level of their beings.  The CrossRoads message is this: “We all want to enjoy healthy relationships.  Enjoying healthy relationships isn’t just a matter of ‘good luck.’  We can enjoy healthy relationships by consistently making healthy choices, and we’re going to show you how to do that.

  What We Do

In the past we have trained school teachers, principals, social workers, social work students and church volunteers to teach the curriculum in their respective communities.   Currently in Namibia however we have no permanent staff to run this strategy.  If you would like to use this curriculum, contact us at our office to find out how we can best assist you.

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  Contact Us

To find out more please contact us at our office…  Tel: 061 256017  Email:   See ‘About Us’ for further contact details. 

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